The First Time In Years My Health Is Perfect

I just want to give a huge thanks to Kristen for helping me kick off my wellness journey this year. It’s always a work in progress and even through my weight loss has been slow my eating habits and choices have greatly improved. On top of that, my [kids] and I now walk 30-mins a day as a family after dinner. Also, for the first time in years all my blood test results came back perfect! No high blood pressure (I have always been on the cusp for medication), cholesterol is perfect, diabetes screening is perfect, blood cell counts are perfect. I am super grateful that you helped me on my journey. Mentally I have seen changes, but it is great to see them physically too!

— K.M.F

She Gave Me So Much More

I honestly thought that when I signed up for coaching with Kristen she was going to give me a meal plan, tell me what to eat and I would be on my merry way. She gave me meal plans but she also gave me so much more! Kristen helped me look at the WHY. She gave me tools and suggestions and never made the process overwhelming. I feel much more confident cooking healthier meals for myself and my family. I feel much more mindful about when I’m eating and why I’m eating. I have started to look at food as fuel for my body and not something that satisfies an emotion. Kristen really listens. She was able to get me to dig deep about my relationship with food and step outside my comfort zone. I don’t have to be perfect all the time. I repeat Kristen’s mantra to myself every day “one choice, one meal, one day at a time!”

— K.H.

Approachable & Compassionate

Kristen is such an approachable, compassionate listener. I trust her because she brings her authentic self to each class or coaching session, creating a safe space for me to relax, open my body, and my mind. Her perception and openness is refreshing. 

— Angel Z.

Helped Me Take Control of My Life

Before working with Kristen, I went into the year knowing that I was dedicated to getting healthier and losing weight. I began working out, but there was still something missing. Once I started meeting with Kristen, things began to shift. Kristen helped me think about overall wellness (not just weight loss) which is something I hadn't even considered! She has helped me take control of my life in so many different ways....from healthy recipes to helping me realize that my overall happiness and self-care will extend into my family, making us all happier. Each month we talk through obstacles, triumphs, and goals and I always come out of our sessions feeling like I can do whatever I put my mind to. Kristen is thoughtful and dedicated and I am so thankful I began working with her!

— Kacey S.

Change At A ‘Do-able’ Pace

Kristen's natural approach and coaching philosophy made it incredibly easy for me to have meaningful and thoughtful coaching sessions. I felt so comfortable within the first five minutes of our initial session that I was able to talk very openly about some of my recent struggles and fears. Not only did Kristen listen with presence and care, but she also provided recommendations that were actionable and did not require a complete overhaul of my life. Her thoughtful and realistic recommendations allowed me the space to begin change at a "do-able" pace. 5 months later and I am sleeping better than I ever have, and I have made gratitude a much more active aspect of my daily life. Working with Kristen allowed me to make personal changes holistically: mind, body and spirit; in an approachable, and impactful way.

— Whitney W.