What Would Your Life Be Like If You Were Free from Diets and Were Just Living?

This past weekend was my annual girls’ trip with my best college girlfriends. It is our one trip a year away from husbands, kids and life’s responsibilities so we can pretend we are 22 again.

It is time spent catching-up, telling old stories and laughing so hard our sides hurt, and I can honestly say, it is one of my favorite weekends of the year.

This year was a milestone for us as it marked our 10th year of taking this trip.

As we sat at the pool one day, we scrolled through old photos from college and each of the 10 trips we have taken, laughing at our outfits and commenting about how young we looked.

As women now in our thirties, and most of us new mom’s, it was interesting to see how time has passed and how our bodies have changed.

It was easy to slide back into diet mentality and start judging my body now compared to when I was 22.

All the through started to run through my head as I looked at my younger self. I thought...

I wish my legs still looked like that.

I wish I was that tan still.

I wish I was still that skinny.

That dress wouldn't even zip for me now.

Man, I wish I thought I looked great at that age.

And so on.

I could have spiraled into negative self-talk.

I could have decided that I wasn’t going to continue to eat the things I wanted on that trip.

I could have made promises to myself that once the trip was over and I was back home I would diet and exercise first thing starting Monday.

But nope. I decided to take inventory of my thoughts, acknowledge them and thank the girl in those photos for making me the women I am today.

I looked at all the iterations of me.

Each year representing a different diet I was on.

Each year chasing after a smaller size.

Each year punishing myself with exercise.

Each year believing, I was overweight.

Each year exhausted and frustrated that I hadn’t met my goal and wasn’t my ideal size.

But this year was different for me. This year I was free.

Free of diets.

Free of needing to be the perfect size.

Free of exercising like a mad woman to be pool ready.

This year I went as the best version of me, right now, in this moment.

I went with the intention to have a great time with my friends, eat great food and not worry about breaking a diet.

I ate what I wanted.

I ate when I wanted.

I ate honoring my hunger and fullness cues.

I ate honoring my cravings and satisfaction cues.

I came back from this amazing girl trip feeling nourished and at peace with my decision.

There was no panic to diet, workout and reverse “the damage” I had done because no damage had been done.

I lived my life and isn’t that what we all want to do?

I want you to close your eyes and imagine what your life would be if you were free from diets and were just living?

Take a moment to really soak it in.

To believe it is possible for you.

What thoughts, feelings or words come to mind?

Write it down.

We all have the opportunity to heal, chose and change into the versions of ourselves we so deeply desire.

All you have to do is say yes. 

Are You Empowering Your Voice?

“The longest journey you take is the 18 inches between your head and your heart.” – Krista, Almost 30 Podcast

The other week I went to a women’s conference call Empower Voice. It was a day spent with other health coaches, entrepreneurs and inspiring women. We focused on empowering each other, empowering ourselves and empowering the work we do. Needless to say, it was a day that inspired and reconfirmed for me why I do what I do as a health coach and why I show up for you and this amazing community we are creating together.

The keynote speaker that day were the ladies from the Almost 30 Podcast. They spoke about vulnerability, embracing your authentic self, and the importance of saying yes to you.

They shared their stories about how each of them decided to say yes to themselves, how they embraced fear in order to trust the process, and were able to claim their voice to bring their authentic selves back into their lives. It was a truly inspiring keynote discussion and resonated deeply within me and the work I do as a health coach.

So I wanted to share these thoughts with you today.

It's only when we are on the other side and can look back on our journey that we confident enough to say yes it all worked out how it is supposed to.

It is that moment at the beginning of our journey, that decision point, when we get to choose becoming the best version of ourselves or we continue you on being a version of ourselves we are content with but maybe not happy with.

What holds us back is fear. The fear of the unknown. The fear of being vulnerable. The fear of not knowing the how. The fear to trust something different.

Are you content in your life but wish to be a better version of yourself?

Are you tired of seeking out external wellness plans that keep failing you but want you to continue to buy into them as the answer?

Do you wish to be a better version of yourself and create true, holistic wellbeing in your life?

If you answered yes, then friend, it is time to say yes to YOU!

Stop allowing fear to hold you back. Start tuning into your intuition. Tune into the little voice that is encouraging you to put fear aside and to do something new.

What do YOU want?

Who do YOU want to be?

It’s time to show up in your life and say yes to you!

Krista and Lindsey left us with these 3 tips and so I want to leave them with you.

  1. Develop a spiritual practice. Meet and understand your soul and your being. Tune in and have it guide you.

  2. Surround yourself with people who can create space for you to be authentic and vulnerable.

  3. Strive for excellence and not perfection. Don’t worry about the outcome, just be your best, whatever that means for you.

Are You Ready For Jeans Season?

A few weeks ago I posted a question on Instagram to my followers and today I wanted to share the post with you.

Here is what I shared:


A little truth bomb about me, I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians not because I find it inspiring but it’s great tv to zone out to.

The other day I was watching an episode where Kylie was going through her closet and getting rid of clothes because she couldn’t fit into her pre-baby outfits anymore. She was upset that her hips would never be the same size again and she was crying because she couldn’t fit into her favorite pair of jeans.

I understood how she felt, not from a new mom body aspect, but from being a woman whose body changes constantly aspect. Our bodies our constantly changing from season to season and this ritual of cleaning out our closets probably occurs more than we desire it to. We look at the clothes that are too small, yearning to be that small size again or looking at the clothes that are too big feeling ashamed we were ever that size.

And what made me even more upset about the scene was when Kim responded to her with “but you’re still so skinny and you will get back to that size”. UGH!

The thing is, she had a baby and her body changed so it could do an amazing thing like give life, but all the conversation between these two women was about wanting to be skinny and a size 25 jean again. It was really hard to hear, especially knowing how influential these women are to our culture.

So when I pulled out my own jeans to wear because I was really only wearing shorts and dresses all summer, guess what? My body changed. My jeans still fit but not like they did 4 months ago. The zipped but they were tight. Was I annoyed, sure. Did I tell myself I have to go on a diet and lose 5 pounds, maybe for a split second, but I’m also super aware to stop myself and shift the conversation in my head to be positive and one of understanding of where I am in this exact moment. I understand what has occurred for me this summer (hello brunch, brunch cocktails, and a need to just have fun this summer amidst all the moving stress) and I understand that I’m not drinking and eating out as much now and have felt the desire to exercise again so my body will change again. It’s just the facts of life. Choices have impact and we need to be confident and secure with the choices we are making. If we are not, we need to understand why and shift our thinking and choices.

So, jean season is upon us and I want you to be ready to pull those pants on one leg hole by one leg hole at a time and love the person you see standing in the mirror wearing those jeans.

So what are you going to do about it?

I know! I invite your to apply for my VIP 1:1 coaching program and let’s get you looking and feeling amazing in your jeans this fall.

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Is the Comparison Trap Holding You Back?

Let’s talk comparison.

Per the Marriam-Webster dictionary, comparison means the act or instance of comparing.

Per the Kristen Kunk dictionary, comparison means not knowing your worth or are worthy of [insert goal/desire] too.

We live in a social media climate where we are constantly compare ourselves to others, fall into victim mode (why me/why can’t I), and don’t believe we are worthy of the things we desire.

Don’t believe me? Answer me this. Do you spend time throughout the day scrolling Facebook or Instagram asking yourself:

  • Why am I not skinny like her/him?

  • Why can’t I look like her/him?

  • Is my house good enough like theirs?

  • Is my job good enough like their?

  • Why is everything so easy for them?

  • Why can’t I {insert thought]?

  • How are they able to eat whatever they want and I have to eat salads?

  • How can they afford that trip but we can’t seem to go anywhere?

  • Their life looks perfect, why is mine a mess?

Is your answer yes? I’m guilty too.

The truth is, you are WORTHY of all your goals and desires. Still don’t believe me, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are you comparing yourself to others?

  • Why do we spend so much time scrolling, wishing, wanting what others have when we are 100% capable of making it happen too?

  • What about them are you comparing yourself too?

  • Is this thing obtainable if you too put in the work?

  • Do you believe you are capable of making it happen?

  • Do you believe you are worth of your goals?

When it comes to us making comparisons this means we are operating in our fears and our egos are getting in the way. It is the trap we fall into when we start to push outside our box and comfort zones, but when we push outside of our box and comfort zone is when we tell ourselves we are WORTH so much more.

So I am bringing this up because I too spent years and years sitting back, watching, comparing and believing I wasn’t worthy of the things I so deeply wanted:

  • To be free from food rules and diets.

  • To feel confident and beautiful in my body.

  • To believe I was worth it.

Aren’t you tired of comparing? Because you are just as cool as anyone else and worth all your goals and dream to come true too.

Finally say YES to your worth. Finally say YES to you. Please!


P.S: I read this quote the other day and will leave you with it: Your life reflects what you settled for.